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Step 1.Create your own account

This process will not be difficult for you. First of all, you should subscribe. To do it just press the register button and then fill in the given form. This procedure is easy and there are no annual or monthly payments for your individual account. You can create a free account in spite of your living place.

Step 2.Get to know about the company’s services

Everybody, who is fond of trading, is welcomed by BitsMax in spite of his or her knowledge and previous experience. But before to join us, please, get acquainted with our services. To collect information about them contact our professionals and they ask all your questions.

Step 3.Subscribe to get a trading contract

It is easy and fast to subscribe to trade. A trading contract is valid for 1 year. To benefit our advantages just deposit approximately 300 USD and you will get 9$ daily, and after 1 year you will have 3285$! Our clients have an opportunity to invest as much money as they want.

Step 4.Withdraw income

Being our client you can withdraw your earnings at any time you want. To do it you should only send a request for withdrawal and in a moment you will be able to receive your earnings. The minimal sum of withdrawal is 5 USD.

Step 5.Attach yourself to the Affiliate Program

All our clients get profit from using the Affiliate Program. To receive benefits you are able to use a couple of highly appreciated degrees of Affiliate Program. Observe their work and make sure that you get really endless earnings. For example, when the referrals contribute 1000 USD, you will get 40 USD. As you see, it is easy. If you want to get more % by referral program contact our support.